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We dream of the new world,

one in which dreaming is a valued way to spend our time.

This new world will require us to be brave and vulnerable as a baseline way of being.

It will require us to speak hard truths

and own our mistakes through action not just verbal acknowledgement.

It will require us to sing full voice in public

and dance on street corners as we wait for the light to change.

It will require us to know our neighbors.

To have them over to backyard bbq’s

and watch their kids while they run to the store.

In this new world,

the one that is at our fingertips,

we have to be well practiced in these things.

In the new world,

the work we do now will feel like sweet rememberings in our bodies.

When we tell someone we love them

even when the relationship seems to be irreparably broken,

it will feel like remembering.

When we push through the pain of past narratives,

the ones we’ve internalized that tell us we are only worthy of love if…

it will feel like remembering.

When we share our brilliance,

even though we are the “youngest”,

or least “educated”,

or “weakest” in the room,

it will feel like remembering.

When we love so deeply it heals ourselves,

It will be because we remembered.

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