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Ajna Activation - Third Eye Pillow

Ajna Activation - Third Eye Pillow

The material of this oganic lavender and flax eye pillow came from a west african traditional two peice dress. Its dark blue color represents the third-eye chakra or Ajna chakra. When Ajna chakra is awakened, intuitive knowledge arises effortlessly. For additional relaxation, this pillow can be warmed (don’t worry, because it’s made with flax, it won’t have an unpleasant scent when heated). The organic lavender in this pillow was sourced from Hampden Farms, a Black-woman owned farm in Denver (check her out @hampdenfarms on Instagram). Also, it was made from post-consumer materials, so you can rest at ease knowing that no additional harm was caused to Mama Earth in the production of this pillow. 




  • Care Instructions

    To care for this product, keep the inner bag dry. To clean, simply remove the pillowcase and wash with cold water, then line dry. As the lavender scent starts to fade you can reinvigorate it by squeezing and kneading the bag. With care, this product will last you years!

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