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Yoga as a tool for
personal and collective liberation.

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Sarah Naomi Jones

Yoga. Anti-Oppression. Mothering. Making. Cultivating.

I was born and raised in the Parkhill neighborhood of Denver, CO. In the 80’s and 90’s, the majority of households in the area of Parkhill that I lived in were Black or Brown. My family owned a restaurant in the historically Black Five Points Neighborhood and I went to a private Cathlic school with mostly white students. So, in my formative years, my time was split between being in almost exclusively Black culture and community in my home life and white culture and social structures at school. This experience, fed by my virgo capacity for deep processing, developed in me a critical lens with which to assess social structures and their impact on Mama Earth and the lives of everyday people. Since then, I have fed my desire to understand and critique these structures through formal and informal study. I have applied my formal education in Gender and Women's Studies, Africana Studies and Holistic Health to my practice of learning from elders and activists in my community. I have integrated this learning in my own life through my personal yoga practice and in my work as an anti-oppression educator, yoga instructor, land and community cultivator, mother and creative.

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